Starting new Project

After my first big game The Last Oricru has been successfully released on Steam/XBOX S/PS5 I’m rushing into new project. Working name is Revive & Prosper and I’m blogging about it here.

LostHero at

Our game LostHero achieved new milestone – we are now at Czech crowdfunding site Startovac.CZ.

You can support us there.

LostHero Game

I was silent for a while as I was working on new project. But now it’s time to publish it.


I’m proudly presenting: LostHero Game.



MariaDB – raise number of connections

With Centos 7 come replacement of MySQL with MariaDB.

I was already curious into it and quite happy once it come to new server with Centos.

It’s very easy to use, but I has trouble to raise max_connections to my usual number (I use 10.000 as I connect to DB from many connections).

Here is the solution.

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Emptying disk space on Linux Virtual Machine – CentOS

Recently I was creating for somebody empty virtual image based on my actual image. I want to make sure the image will get compressed as much as possible. But I delete there about 1,5 GB of my data.

To make sure the VM will be compressed I needed to fill all empty space with 0.

I found this tool to do that: , but it was little bit tricky.

Here is step by step how to proceed:

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Mapping of XBOX controller to Unreal Engine

I’m now playing with Unreal Engine and I found out that the XBOX controller that I use for testing is hard to map to the actions because of the weird names.

So here is the linking:



1) Gamepad Left Trigger

2) Gamepad Right Trigger

3) Gamepad Left Shoulder

4) Gamepad Right Shoulder

5) Gamepad Special Left

6) Gamepad Special Right

7) Gamepad Left Thumbstick

8) Gamepad D (up,down, etc..)

9) Gamepad Right Thumbstick

10) Gamepad Face Button


Some of the actions ends with Axis (like Gamap Left Thumbstick Y-Axis). Those map with InputComponent->BindAxis.

Rest of the buttons map via InputComponent->BindAction.

Linux server remembering last used folder

I’m administrating many servers – usually each for different purpose.

When I log to a server very often I need to work at last folder where I was last time – 80% cases. But Linux kicks me to my home directory, which is the last one where I want to be.

Following script will remember where you was and after login it will move you back to that folder. Put it into ~/.bashrc or /etc/bashrc

function mycd() {
 cd $1
 pwd > ~/.pwd
alias switch="cd $(cat ~/.pwd)"
alias cd='mycd'


How it works:

1) function mycd must be defined at bashrc file to so the command cd will apply to your shell. If you will create small script and call it, it will not work.

2) at the function mycd you execute cd and the you store actual path to file ~/.pwd

3) at the start of the bash, you first restore your path by loading content of ~/.pwd and then you replace cd command with mycd.


It’s so simple, but it saves time.


Rotation of Image from UPS in PHP

I was recently implementing UPS API for PHP.

I found those two great sources from Gabriel Bull or simple one from Alex Fraundhof.

When I ask to get the shipping Label by

$Response = $ShipperObj->createLabel($params);

the result is label that is rotated by 90 degrees to the right.


I didn’t found any parameter to get the label rotated as I want.

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I got an idea for project that will improve user experience of a Skype.

I call it SkypeNote. It will allow users to add notes to each Skype window. It took me some time to create prove of concept, but I manage to make it working and I’m using it for my internal uses.


I’m now trying to finance this project over KickStarter.

If you are interested please support me.

Simple solution to store credit card data

I has been getting request to build web pages and applications that would receive credit card for years.

And I always rejected that as I didn’t want to get responsibility of getting those data leaked.

But recently I got to situation that I couldn’t refuse it anymore.

So I was looking how to do it safe and I got an idea – to use SSL mechanism and keep data stored at the server in encrypted form.


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