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MariaDB – raise number of connections

With Centos 7 come replacement of MySQL with MariaDB.

I was already curious into it and quite happy once it come to new server with Centos.

It’s very easy to use, but I has trouble to raise max_connections to my usual number (I use 10.000 as I connect to DB from many connections).

Here is the solution.

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Emptying disk space on Linux Virtual Machine – CentOS

Recently I was creating for somebody empty virtual image based on my actual image. I want to make sure the image will get compressed as much as possible. But I delete there about 1,5 GB of my data.

To make sure the VM will be compressed I needed to fill all empty space with 0.

I found this tool to do that: , but it was little bit tricky.

Here is step by step how to proceed:

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