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Mapping of XBOX controller to Unreal Engine

I’m now playing with Unreal Engine and I found out that the XBOX controller that I use for testing is hard to map to the actions because of the weird names.

So here is the linking:



1) Gamepad Left Trigger

2) Gamepad Right Trigger

3) Gamepad Left Shoulder

4) Gamepad Right Shoulder

5) Gamepad Special Left

6) Gamepad Special Right

7) Gamepad Left Thumbstick

8) Gamepad D (up,down, etc..)

9) Gamepad Right Thumbstick

10) Gamepad Face Button


Some of the actions ends with Axis (like Gamap Left Thumbstick Y-Axis). Those map with InputComponent->BindAxis.

Rest of the buttons map via InputComponent->BindAction.