My Projects

In last 20 years of my professional career as developer/software architect I did many projects.

Delphi implementation of missing iOS frameworks – This is list of Delphi unit that I created to add to Delphi missing frameworks from iOS.


Here are just links to my most current and biggest project that can be found online:

TimeMaker – This is my biggest project that I did. It’s really amazing product. I created design of whole system, wrote own unique database engine and I wrote also major part of the client application.

LostHero – LostHero is my web based online RPG game. I created whole system except the graphics. If you like RPG’s try it.

TrueTimeGuard – TrueTimeGuard is my latest product. It’s an amazing tool that can help you to save your time. I’m using it my self with amazing results.

Securant – Securant is a company that deliver wireless system to the gas station that idetifies cars and allow cash free transactions. Technically it’s amazing product where is combined custom hardware developed by Securant with own linux based servers that are installed at the station and communicates with central server. Customer access their data over the web application. I designed the solution of the local and central servers and wrote the central server.