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  1. Hello, Thanks for your MIDI implementation on iOS for XE5. However, I cannot succeed accessing properties of MIDI objects. It seems this is because the kMIDIPropertyDisplayName constant is not defined. It is an external CFStringRef. I have tried putting CFSTR(‘kMIDIPropertyDisplayName’) as the parameter, but it returns an error saying that parameter does not exist. Doing the same on an xCode project also returns an error. On xCode, when I use kMIDIPropertyDisplayName I get the correct name. Any idea ?
    Thanks !
    Arpege Music

    • pjstrnad says:

      Yeah .. I has the same problem.

      Problem is that ‘kMIDIPropertyDisplayName’ is name of some constant string that have a value, which you need to know.

      Solution is to get the actual value, for example by doing simple app directly under XCode and print it to the screen.

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