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Reading data from the MIDI keyboard at iOS (and probably also at the Mac)

I’m just implementing support for the MIDI keyboard under iOS – mean you can connect MIDI keyboards (I’m using MIDITECH GARAGEKEY Mini) connected via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

The keyboard works perfect, you just plug it into the iPhone or iPad and it works. As the keyboard doesn’t have any additional led diode it has really low power consumption.

From the free software I found only GarageBand from Apple to be working with the keys.

At my application the keyboards can be easily implemented via the CoreMIDI (here is link to download my implementation for Delphi).

Garagekey mini


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Submitting application to the Apple store from Delphi.

Today I wanted to submit my app to the Apple Store for my customer.

This is generally the procedure:, but I got some problems.

It’s done via Application Loader that can be downloaded after registration at the .


Unfortunately I got few errors after first upload:

ERROR ITMS-9000: “The bundle identifier cannot be changed from the current value, ‘PianoWizard’. If you want to change your bundle identifier, you will need to create a new application in iTunes Connect.” at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

ERROR ITMS-9000: “This bundle is invalid. The application-identifier entitlement is missing; it should contain your 10-character Apple Developer ID, followed by a dot, followed by your bundle identifier.” at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

ERROR ITMS-9000: “Invalid Launch Image – Your app contains a launch image with a size modifier that is only supported for apps built with the iOS 6.0 SDK or later.” at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

ERROR ITMS-9000: “This bundle is invalid. Apple is not currently accepting applications built with this version of the SDK or Xcode.” at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

Here is how I handled them:

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