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Implementing missing iOS frameworks

The challenge

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m just writing a game for an iOS¬†under Delphi XE-5.

Well on the begging it was looking really nice and easy, but there are some catches.

XcodeFirst Delphi doesn’t support multi-touch. This was handled thanks to support of Iztok Kacin.

Second catch was MIDI.

I found that iOS can play MIDI by this article, but from Delphi I couldn’t call it, because “god knows why” Embarcadero created support for some of the frameworks under Delphi.

So I was digging and digging and I found out that it’s actually relatively simple to add missing frameworks to Delphi.

The solution

Embarcadero did that for some of them and Xcode gives header files to each of the framework.

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How to update Mac Pro 1.1 to OS X 10.9 – Mavericks

As I started to develop for the Mac and iPhone/iPads I purchased my self a Mac.

I didn’t want to invest so much into it, so I found used Mac Pro for just 500 USD, but it’s XEON 2x 2 GHz, with 6GB RAM and 500 GB Disk space. For that price quite amazing hardware even for PC.


And then I want to start to develop my first iPhone application and I found out that I need to have operating system Mountain Lion (10.8) or Mavericks (10.9), but I has Snow Leopard (10.6). When I tried to download the Mavericks from Apple store, but I got message that it’s not compatible.

So I start to dig and I found out that my Mac is version 1,1 which can’t be official updated.

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