Update of iPhone 3G

UPDATE: Please read my newer post about this issue.

As I started to develop for the iPhones and iPads I purchased iPhone 3G for 50$.

Then I find out that 3G is not anymore officialy supported by Apple and that it doesn’t make sense to develop applications for such “old” hardware.

Yesterday I found that there are custom firmware that could be loaded into the iPhone: http://www.whited00r.com/iPhone3G

It’s amazing how some people spend their times with such things.

I tried to update my 3G by the normal room, but it always game me an error after fwe minutes.

So I tried to restore the phone by official ROM from Apple, which went through ok, until the point when the phone should be activated via iTunes. I’m getting error

We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.

Please try again later, or contact customer care

So I was digging and it’s because there was no sim card. This can be handled by

1) putting the sim card

2) or someone created tool how to bypass no simcard – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9BMXflZKiM – again, it’s AMAZING what are people capable of today.

Just for fun I used the tool from the youtube.

I manage to jailbreak the phone, but when I tried to use image that I downloaded from http://www.whited00r.com/iPhone3G I got message that this message is not supported.

But I got iPhone to normal mode and I could use iTune and restore button with Alt key hold to try again upload the iOS. This time I tried the version 5.21. But after the restore it told me that I have version 3.1.3 .. so I manage to downgrade the phone. Haha.

Ok, one more time, again trying the version 6. I don’t believe that trying to do same thing again will bring different result, but this time the phone is jailbreaked.

But it doesn’t worked .. I used the official iTune to revert the iPhone back to 4.2.1 .. pitty.

I tried all different combinations to upload the version 6, but no success.

So now I have rooted 3G with the Cydia. I’m going to investigate what it will give me.

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